Sharing stories through collaboration and creativity

Optical Jukebox are independent filmmakers with a passion for promoting social change and improving health through creative and compelling imagery. We transform real life stories into films and multimedia resources, to inspire change and growth within our society, communities and organisations. Whether the aim is engagement, education or ethnographic exploration, we’ll work with you to tell your story.

Yemeni Dreams, Sheffield Steel

With a professional background in nursing, academia and filmmaking, we draw on our extensive experience to offer a unique approach – forging creative vision with invaluable sector insight.

We believe process is just valuable as results. Collaboration, participation and reflection are at the core of everything we do. Projects offer a unique space for reflective and developmental learning. We collaborate closely and flexibly with all the key people to translate the creative vision – from service users telling their story as co-directors, to academics sharing their findings with the public.

For us, each project is an immersive learning journey… making us feel richer and closer to the world around us.